55+ Mehndi design for kids a Little Hands (Ages 3-13) 2024

Due to the multitude of artistic alternatives it offers, mehndi design for kids is usually enjoyed by both youngsters and adults. Mehndi design for kids appreciates that henna cones allow for the creation of several Mehndi designs for kids and that they last far longer than pens or markers.

Since mehndi is considered organic and auspicious, many parents opt to use simple mehndi designs for their children during weddings and other family gatherings.

55+ Chhote Bacchon Ki Mehandi Designs (7 Sal to 12 Sal):

The top 55+ straightforward yet imaginative mehendi designs for kids with pictures are provided below for your child. The fact that Mehndi is safe for children is one of the main reasons adults choose it for them. Kids can shatter, lose, or get wounded by jewelry, but Mehndi is so resilient that once it dries, it won’t do any harm and won’t get in the way of any activities. Maybe this is one of the main reasons why kids enjoy mehndi so much; therefore, let’s look at some more imaginative and lovely kid-friendly mehndi designs for kids with pictures.

1. Cute Heart-Shaped Mehndi Design for Kids:

In the middle of the palm, there are hearts within hearts in this straightforward but adorable pattern. The silhouettes of the hearts are Lacey and filled with a checkered pattern. The little dotted patterns next to the tiny hearts on the fingertips give them a lovely appearance. Your child will adore this simple design, which is easy to make.

2. Simple Floral Kids Mehndi Designs:

Little girls who love flowers would adore this pattern. The process starts by creating a flower in the center and working outward. The kid is drawn to and focused on the various designs made on the fingertips. The four lines that spiral outward from the center flower are created by joining dots and give the flowery mehndi designs for kids a unique touch.

3. Flower Creeper Mehndi Design for Kids:

Although it takes a little longer to make, this design is appropriate for older children. This pattern is ideal for you if you want to decorate your child’s hand with flowers and creepers without making it look overly bulky. The pattern is formed diagonally, with intertwining flowers, a creeper extension, and a middle finger. The mehndi designs for kids are given an attractive touch by the flower designs on the fingertips.

4. Lace like Mehndi Pattern for Kids:

Kids who prefer simple Mehandi designs on their hands will love this pattern. On the side, it has a tiny flower design, and right next to that, a lacy pattern is made with interlocking dots. On the middle finger, more forceful strokes are used to create a lacy pattern. Dots are drawn to fill in the spaces between them. This mehndi design for kids stands out for its elegance and is straightforward but inventive.

5. Mandala Easy Mehndi Designs for Kids:

Simple round mehndi art for children. In the center is a mandala. To create it, you draw flower petals and then widen the design. The lacy pattern on the fingertips gives the mehndi designs for kids a special touch. Your child will be attracted by the connecting dots and powerful strokes.

6. Simple Mehndi Designs for Kids:

This Mehndi pattern is quite straightforward and appropriate for younger children. It begins with a floral motif next to a lacy pattern close to the wrist. The eye-catching element of this mehndi design for kids is the creepers with strong strokes acting as leaves. Though relatively simple to create, this pattern is striking.

7. Giraffe Mehndi Designs for Children:

For a child’s Mehandi design, this is quite novel. A child who sees this giraffe mehndi pattern may decide to get mehndi on her hands. To inspire children, mehndi designs for kids artist always adds something fresh to their work. Along with the more common flower and leaf patterns, mehndi designs can also include a wide variety of other animals.

8. Arabic Mehndi Designs for Small Girls:

For youngsters, it is a straightforward Arabic Mehendi pattern. Youngsters who lack the patience for intricate hand drawings will love this pattern. Two creepers extend diagonally in opposite directions from a central flower motif. To keep it simple and avoid looking too heavy, the fingertips are simply embellished with dots.

9. Butterfly Mehndi Mesigns for kids:

Create an outline of the butterfly with Mehndi designs for kids, and then fill in the spaces with glitter. Do not have any patterns on your fingertips. Both regular henna and faux stones can be used to decorate the butterfly. Because it is simple and cute, this baby henna design is appropriate for younger children.

10. Moon Mehandi Designs for Small Kids:

10. Moon Mehandi Designs for Small Kids:
10. Moon Mehandi Designs for Small Kids:

For such tiny hands, we need to create simple yet adorable mehndi designs. A simple flower can be created in the center of the palm by filling in a circle and then creating triangle shapes all around it. They’ll look great with small dots nearby or perhaps with heart-shaped tattoos. The process of creating the design is quick and simple.

11. Glitter Mehndi Designs for Kids:

The Best Mehndi Design For Kids On the back of your hand, near the edge, you can draw a flower. To fill in the shape, add glitter. On the fingertips, the flower’s shape can also be imprinted, and any holes can be filled with glitter once again. Glitter has always been attractive to children, so they don’t hesitate to wear it.

12. Star Mehndi Design for Baby Girl:

Nothing in this environment can be exciting for kids. Make some glitter stars and add little dots and arches to frame them. Glitter can be used to make angels, flowers, and other appealing characteristics quickly and tastefully. This mehndi design for kids is quite simple to draw. You might try using it with your kid.

13. Cute Mehndi Design for Kids:

This mehndi pattern is unique. A gorgeous flower pattern with curved lines to the fingertip is sketched on one palm. The outcome is appealing since the spaces are filled in with bold strokes. Large flower petals are drawn and filled in with curved patterns on the opposite palm. The design is completed by a tiny flower in the corner and a creeper on the fingertip, with dots filling in the spaces.

14. Creeper Mehndi Designs for Kids:

Give the outline of flowers and spirals related to it if you want to make the hand-loaded with creeper simple and light-looking. To prevent the Mehandi from looking overly dense, avoid filling in the petals or gaps. Kids prefer these simple patterns since they are still oblivious to trends and fashion.

15. Cat Mehndi Design for Kids:

Create a sunflower on the right side of the hand, close to the thumb, and fill in the spaces between it with spiral stars and tiny dots. Kids become excited because the flower-like shape also resembles a firecracker bursting in the sky. These little Mehandi patterns are ideal for children who enjoy flowers.

16. Flower Mehndi Designs for Kids:

Another straightforward yet fashionable design involves creating spirals with a thin-tipped Mehandi cone on one end of the palm until the index finger, and then giving the spirals flower designs by filling in the shape. The majority of flower mehndi designs do draw children. Little can also be used to reproduce the pattern, giving them the appearance of tiny seahorses or snails.

17. Dark Red Kids Mehendi Designs:

If your child enjoys mehndi, you might think of creating a flower in the center of the palm and then filling it with traditional symbols. Additionally, draw various shapes on the fingertips to finish the mehndi pattern. Kids love to play with color, so it’s no surprise that this red mehndi attracts them.

18. Children’s Round and Heart Mehndi Designs:

This spherical flower with a heart shape on each palm is a great mehndi pattern for children under the age of seven. Giving different limits and filling in the spaces with mehendi, which is highly powerful, will fill the hearts.

19. Arabic Style Mehndi Designs For Kids:

The last finger of a child is covered in a straightforward Arabic mehndi design. Kids don’t need to sit still for a long period of time to finish the entire pattern, making it a perfect design. A child’s adorable, little hands that have been mehendi’d appear special. It looks adorable when a little child gets Mehndi on her hands and dons a lehenga for a wedding event. Every parent wants to apply mehndi to their newborn daughter.

20. Mehndi Cum Tattoo Design:

Tattoos are popular among today’s hip kids, yet they might damage their skin. Therefore, applying mehndi to their inner hand, which would resemble a tattoo, is the best choice. This design ought to be quirky. Even a name is written in this design. The young person can also write something different. The trend now is to have a tattoo on your body. This is the most recent tattoo style. It’s understated and elegant.

21. Lolz Fish Mehndi Design for Children:

It is a straightforward mehndi pattern for kids who don’t prefer to cover their entire hands in the decoration. Given that some children remove mehndi before it dries, it is a suitable design for a young person. However, it is elegantly easy to create. Only a designer mehndi appears to be used. On it, very thin work is done, which takes time as well. It seems suitable for a wedding celebration.

22. Cute Mehndi Designs for Kids:

Kids can try out these simple Mehndi designs for kids on their hands. Due to the hand’s partial coverage, the mehndi design for kids is fairly straightforward. But for a child, it is a suitable design. On small hands, it will look adorable. On the palm’s backside, little blooms arranged over a single large flower look lovely. Small mehndi dots also give a straightforward design a magical touch.

23. Elephant Mehndi Design For Kids:

This elegant mehendi design is suitable for children to use on any occasion. Four straight lines with leaves, one enormous flower, and the remaining small curved lines make up a stylish pattern. Little ones who adore wearing mehndi will certainly choose this design. It may also be carried out on the palm. This fashionable design is part of the kid’s Mehndi collection. This mehndi design for kids is straightforward for an artist.

24. Cartoon Henna Mehndi Designs for Kids:

In the middle of the palm, a circle has been drawn with a few delicate curves and dots. The fingertips are decorated with tiny flowers, dots, and tiny checkerboard designs. This simple mehndi pattern for kids’ hands mostly uses circles and dots. This appears to be a design that is especially suitable for Diwali.

25. Flower Mehandi Design for Kids:

This design features peacock, flower, and leaf patterns and is a straightforward yet elegant mehndi design for children. The child won’t feel very fidgety because the design is quick and simple to replicate. Simple curves, teardrops, and pattern-filled dots make up the fingertips.

26. Mehndi Design for a Baby Girl:

Instead of using stickers and adhesive tattoos on kids, this is a better alternative. This lovely baby mehndi design for kids has just a little kitten on the palm’s back. The kitten has small, circular ears, a bent tail, and large, button-like eyes that make it even cuter-looking.

27. Gecko Bug Tattoo Mehndi Design:

The Mehndi Design featuring the Gecko Bug Tattoo undergoes a unique transformation as it is recreated with a fresh perspective. This intriguing design integrates the exquisite intricacies of traditional Indian mehndi art with the bold and captivating presence of a gecko bug tattoo. The result is a mesmerizing blend of nature-inspired patterns and the symbolic significance of the gecko bug.

28. Animal Cartoon Henna Design for Children:

The back of the hand has been curved, with little leaves rising to the center and flower petals. To finish off this adorable baby hand mehndi design, tiny dots, and teardrops are put all around it. This easy and inventive basic mehndi design for kids is something your youngster would adore wearing.

Guidelines to Follow Before Mehndi for Children:

  • For young children, be careful to use only organic or reputable henna.
  • Applying intricate mehndi designs to children’s hands might make them uncomfortable, scratchy, and antsy.
  • Kids might rapidly become bored and irritated, so pick a design they like to avoid them washing it off right away.
  • Before applying the entire design, perform a little henna patch test on their skin to make sure they are not sensitive to the ingredients.
  • Apply the design just to their hands; do not apply it to other areas of their body, such as their feet, as this may limit their range of motion.

Kids shouldn’t have full-hand mehndi design for kids; thus, they should be minimal yet elegant. They simply prefer small, intricate, and basic patterns. The mehndi for the children should be creative. Additionally, the mehndi you are using should be chemical-free. Kids should therefore be inspired to get mehndi on their hands by stylish, imaginative mehndi designs. Did your child like the Mehandi patterns from our article? Do inform us.

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